m  o  v  i  e  s            e  n  g  a  g  e            e  x  p  l  o  r  e            c   o  n  t  a  c  t  

Would you like to be a person who opens doors to new possibilities?

Would you be willing to do some simple thing that creates a huge impact in another’s life?

Are you bored with self-absorption, sick of “affluenza,” tired of all the toys, trips, and tepid passions?

Maybe your children are grown, perhaps you’ve sold your company, maybe you’re looking for your next great challenge, your next big “yes”! Something inside you intuitively knows there has got to be more than same-ol’ tame-o, lame-o, habitual routine. You instinctively know you are wired for more. You hold in your hand a big invitation in the guise of this small book.

Living A Life That Outlives You, is a short, story driven, experience centered, creative book brimming with active, do it right now, ideas about impacting and influencing the future through relationships.

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